The Clear Alternative to Braces®—Now for Teens!

Invisalign Teen® is the only clear orthodontic aligner therapy designed to address the unique concerns of treating non-adult comprehensive patients. Because aligners are removable, patients can continue to eat their favorite foods and brush and floss normally to help keep teeth and gums healthy.

Invisalign Teen has all the features of Invisalign® Full, plus:

  • Compliance Indicators track the patient’s approximate wear time and help provide reassurance for parents that the teen is being compliant
  • Six free individual replacement aligners are included with Invisalign Teen to replace lost or broken aligners (this selling point gives parents one less thing to worry about during treatment)
  • Many teens present for treatment with erupting permanent dentition, so Invisalign Teen has been engineered with a feature to help prevent over eruption of the second molars
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