If you have ever had or are currently in braces now; you know how difficult it can be to brush around the brackets on your teeth! Most people think with their braces they can't floss because of the wires.. This is not the case! You want to actually be more conscious of flossing while in braces, because food can more easily get stuck in the brackets and wires! You definitely do NOT want to get discouraged, because not brushing or flossing well enough can leave white spots on your teeth when your braces do come off.. And NO BODY wants that! So I have put together this easy to follow guide on brushing with braces!
  • Use waxed floss (unwaxed floss is more likely to get caught and shred in your braces), dental tape or a product specifically designed to clean around your braces
  • Don't be afraid to use TOO much - although 18 inches should be fine!
  • Thread carefully. Take the floss and carefully thread it under the wire of the braces before passing it between two teeth. Then remove the floss and repeat :)
  • Be sure not to snap the floss-simply move it up and down gently against the side of each tooth
Following these steps and taking your time with your oral hygiene while in braces will ensure you have the best smile you can once your finished with treatment! Braces are a BIG investment, treat them with care! :)