Anyone with jaw pain can tell you, it is NOT a fun experience. Imagine your jaw hurting or popping every time you opened your mouth or constant pain causing severe headaches. No one wants to find out what this is like! Here at Martin Orthodontics we are able to help you improve this painful part of your life. Dr. Martin offers a proven, natural system for relieving TMJ disorders. By using advanced diagnostic technology called the iTero Scanner, Dr. Martin is able to gain exact insight into the imbalances of your bite. From this insight, Dr. Martin will make very precise adjustments to the position of your teeth and jaw through braces or Invisalign. These adjustments are designed to bring relief to any patient that experiences the following conditions:
  • Difficulty opening & closing your mouth
  • Pain in healthy teeth
  • Sinus Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Sore Jaw in the morning
  • Pressure behind your ears
  • Difficulty with hearing
  • Teeth Clinching or Grinding
  • Lock Jaw
None of these are fun at all! However, with an experienced Orthodontist, like Dr. Martin, there is hope for relief.