Everyone is always looking for ways to improve their appearance. Male or Female, you know you are! Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. What if I gave you 10 tips to help improve your smile? Awesome right?! It will not happen over night, but if you follow these tips you WILL improve your smile, and confidence.
  • Floss Daily - I know you think, "Every Dentist tells me to floss more" or "I've heard that a MILLION times!". This is one of the most important things for your oral health. Besides, without flossing think of all the food that could be stuck between your teeth, Yuck!
  • See your Hygienist twice a year - Getting a cleaning every 6 months is very important. Even those of you with the best oral hygiene can not get your teeth as clean as a hygienist can. I promise you that!
  • STOP Smoking - I know you have probably heard that a thousand times too! But, improving your overall health will also help improve your smile.
  • Limit Coffee, Tea and Wine - I know, I know.. Probably NOT what you want to hear! I know that cup of coffee on a Monday morning or that glass of wine on a Friday night, after a long week, might be completely NEEDED. However, limiting the amount you drink can help keep your smile pearly white!
  • Choose your Whitening Device carefully - There are so many different kind of whitening systems it can be overwhelming! When I go to the store and see toothpaste, gel, pens - like ahh! What do I choose? If you are a coffee or tea drinker like I mentioned above (which I AM) use a toothpaste whitener. If you have teeth that have darker spots on areas, use a pen. This can help get specific areas. They also have trays that can give the most dramatic results.
  • Buy a Quality Toothbrush - Electric toothbrushes are the BEST investment for your mouth! They help to remove more plaque than standard toothbrushes and help improve gum health. I know what your thinking.. They are SO expensive! But in all actuality, the investment is worth it! HOWEVER, if your not ready to dish out the big bucks on the state of the art - blue tooth capable electronic toothbrush, they sell them at Walmart for $5!! Start with that (which is what I did), you will see such great results that you will want to invest in the better one sooner than you think!
I know everyone has heard what I had to say a million times - BUT, if you want to improve your smile these small changes will help to get you a healthier smile.